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On July 2, 1937, Amelia Earhart flew away from a town called Lae in the South Pacific. Earhart was attempting to circumnavigate the globe. After taking off from Lae, she disappeared. The Superhero Historians will investigate her life, her final flight, and the possible outcomes to that flight.
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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Green Dragon

Barley Hugg, Location Historian

What does a dragon have to do with the American Revolution?  No, it’s not a riddle, just a question that is still not fully answered by history.  The Green Dragon Tavern in Boston, marked by a weather colored dragon above the door, sits as a site often called the “headquarters of the American Revolution.” Upstairs from the tavern was a Masonic Lodge, where men like Paul Revere and Dr. Warren met.  Paul Revere remarks that, “About thirty persons, chiefly North-End mechanics, had agreed to watch the movements of the British soldiers and the Tories, in anticipation of their descent on Concord.  These patriots met at the Green Dragon Tavern.  We were so careful, that our meetings should be kept secret, that every time we met, every person swore upon the Bible that they (he) would not discover any of our transactions, but to Messrs. Hancock, Drs. Warren and Church, and one or two more leaders.  They took turns to watch the soldiers, two by two, by patrolling the streets all night.” The Green Dragon held many secret political meetings.  It is said that one such meeting planned the Boston Tea Party.

By: Barley Hugg, Location Historian
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